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Goddess Saraswathi is pronounced as Goddess Saraswati in north india. If you know any saraswati temples , Saraswati photos please feel free to send. You can also send Saraswati Mantra.

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Remember Saraswathi and Keep chanting "Om Saraswathi namah " which ever mantra you feel like chanting.

saraswathi saraswati

Dedicated to good souls seeking blessings of shirdi saibaba and Goddess Saraswathi to show light in their education and career

I have spent hours togather praying infront of a photo i got from Koothanur Maha Saraswathi Amman temple .Its a photograph where Goddess Saraswathi wears white saree , has a crown ,kumkum in her forehead and dark eyes which has powers to bring our life to light. Once, while i was sitting and speaking to Goddess saraswathi looking at the photograph in the middle of the night,my mom heared some sound, walked to hall where i was sitting and was shocked looking at me talking to the Goddess. When my mom asked what i was doing i said "Am simply talking to Saraswathi".She asked me to sleep and said "Saraswathi will do good to you someday in life."

If you or your dear ones are suffering a lot either in their education or in career you have come to the right site. All i request is do little good things of humanity which can bring you some blessings from God. You can do it on your own as per your ability .You can either get some pens and books for poor kids or help in education of any poor children. If you dont have chance to donate to poor people as some of you live abroad, atleast give good pens and books to your friends or relatives children. The concept is simple.You might be suffering with obstacles in your education or career due to your past bad karma.So when you learn the "Art of Giving" spend little you can do gift pens,books or school fees etc to poor children , certainly Goddess of Arts will be pleased and if not instantly atleast in the near future , she will show light in your life.

Sai Saraswathi is made to bring confidence and increase faith in students and people who are facing obstacles or problems in their career. Theres no much content in this site as i dont know what to write.Will be happy if any of you contribute good articles about Goddess Saraswathi, slokas and prayer methods etc...

As a humble servant of shirdi saibaba, i have used all the Arts i know photography,videography and video editing etc for serving sai himself. I went to flower market, purchased few white lotus, came home, arranged the lotus on table, did abishekam for the wooden Saraswathi statue i got in koothanur and photographed it. I have a faith that all who prays looking at this goodess of mercy whole heartedly, will be blessed by her and surely she will show you a way. Meanwhile, to wash away your past karma , please do little good things for welfare of poor and needy so that shirdi saibaba and saraswathi can bless you with good education and career.

Help poor children in need , gift children of your friends & relatives with pens,books or anything useful for them.This will please Goddess Saraswathi and she will surely bless you with good education and career. - Venkat Raman

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Blessings of the Hindu Goddess Of Arts and Saint Saibaba of Shirdi

Mantra for students :

Few parents wrote to me through asking what to do when their kids are dull in studies and some people write to me about problems like not getting job or obstacles in career. I belive in praying Goddess Saraswathi in the form of light ( jyothi ). A simple ritual is to light lamps infront of any of Goddess Saraswathi for 64 days and when ever you get a chance, try to give some pens , books or school fees to poor and needy children. I never support any big charity organisations as its better you search for any children who deserves your gift . If you live abroad where you can't find means to donate to poor, atleast present useful gifts to your relatives or friends children which will make them happy and please our Goddess of Arts. The term education also means growth in all forms of arts,music and skills which you love. I was inspired by shirdi saibaba himself to launch this site to show a good path for such people. My sai friend Renuka contributed below mantra....

1) Before each class begins:

Saraswathi Namasthubyam varadhe Kaama roopini
Vidhyarambham karishyaami siddhir Bhavathu may sadha!

Translation: Oh ! Goddess Saraswati, my humble prostrations unto you, who is the fulfiller of all wishes. I start my studies with Thy worship and always pray for success.

2) Before we write our exams:

Buddhir Bhalam yaso dhairyam Nirbhayakth wamarohatha
Ajaatyam vakpaduthvamsa Hanumath smaranath bhavethu!

3) Each day before we start studying:

Jnana nandha mayam dhevam nirmala spadikakruthim
Adaram sarva vidhyanam Hayagrivam upasmahe!

Hope I have spelt the slokas correctly by sai's grace. Please read these slokas daily. You will definitely be benefitted. Visit Kollur Mookanmbika temple worshipping the goddess for studies and pray Mookambika to bless you

Share your knowledge and write your experiences :

I am looking for good contributions about Goddess saraswathi and how shirdi saibaba blessed you in your education and career.Please contribute good mantra, temple reviews and rituals to SaiSaraswathi. You can also write to me personally. I shall reply you when i have time. Please forgive me.At present i have launched this site with very little info. I hope the you will get the blessings and Gift of Maa Saraswathi when you pray whole heartedly looking at the photographs present in this site.

With lots of love on my sweet Goddess of Arts Saraswathi and Shirdi saibaba - Venkat Raman

For those who like lighting lamps :

Shirdi saibaba never forces anyone to do things they don't like.If baba wants you to light lamps, he will naturally create a desires in you to light lamps.I am telling this because now a days no matter how much i say few sai devotees never understand how valuable is lighting lamps and how much it can benefit their life. Lighting lamps infront of shirdi saibaba , Goddess Saraswathi or Guru - Lord Dakshinamurthy either in temple or at home is beneficial.

A little ritual - Light coconut lamps and pray Moon God :

I heared someone telling this ritual on tv. One of the reason you are constantly failing in your work or students are dull in studies is that their mind always ossilates.Confusion, depression, unnecessary desires,worries, etc could be the reason why your mind is never steady and you loose interest in studies and work. This ossilation of mind can be made study if you do the following ritual to Moon God. Every monday between morning 6 am to 7 am is the good time to pray Moon God.

Imagine shirdi saibaba as Moon God , take a coconut ,break it in to two halves, pour coconut oil in both the halves, Take a thick wicks and light these 2 halves of coconut as Lamp. Whole heartedly pray Moon god to bless you with a clear mind. When you light coconut lamps every monday between 6 Am to 7 Am atleast for 12 weeks, certainly your mind will get a clarity . Goddess Saraswathi will also bless you with good concentration, knowledge and improvements in studies and work.

Journey to Koothanur Maha Saraswathi Amman Temple :

There are very few historic temples for Goddess Saraswathi in which Goddess Saraswathi has appeared as women and blessed poets. In 2005 march when i was coming around dhuni ( sacred fire ) in shirdi saibaba temple , being someone in creative field with lots of failures, i had a feeling baba wants me to travel to Koothanur and have blessings of Goddess Saraswathi.The origin of the word Koothanur comes from a village gifted by King Raja Raja Chola II to the poet Ottakkootthan I have wrote this article in and now presenting it in this site.... Read about my journey to Koothanur Maha Saraswathi Amman temple

Goddess Saraswathi White lotus offering :

If you get chance to offer white lotus to any Goddess, please pray Saraswathi and offer them. You can also offer any white flowers . Help children to get educated and spread the importance of education site to spread the value of education. since i cant afford the script am waiting for goddess Saraswathi and Mahalakshmis grace.. You can also encourage your friends and relatives to take interest in studies and higher studies. This itself is a belssing.

Saraswati Temple Photos :

If you have your own photos of Goddess Saraswati temples or Saraswati Statues photos please send them. I shall share with my sai friends.


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